Worked with clients on unique projects to turn visions into reality.


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beehive playhouse

A local daycare requested a redesigned playground; their current equipment was falling apart and their kids were bored. After my initial idea for a beehive theme was approved, my team and I got to assigning roles. My job was to design and build a safe and fun playhouse structure. After several drafts, long hours in the woodshop, and a few broken tools... a 6 foot honeycomb playhouse emerged.

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Ultimately, this 2-story design draft was determined to be unsafe considering the parameters of the project. It was modified to become a 1-story structure, but was too geometrically complex.

Then I pivoted to a simple dodecahedron structure.

Final2 Final3

After finding a geometrically sound design, I was assigned a partner for the construction aspect of the project. We began correcting errors, cutting wood, and building.
Final5 Final6


Tightrope Bridge

I designed and budgeted a local school's bridge. The designs were ultimately passed on to those in charge of construction at the school.

bridge 1 bridge 3 bridge 4 bridge 2
The original concept for the bridge was innovative, but with new parameters from our client for the design- I needed to take a more practical approach. So I flipped it upside-down..
bridge 5
bridge 3 bridge 4

Food Museum

The food museum competition challenges its competitors to envision and design a museum 100 years in the future, where food is its primary concern. Competitors must adhere to the restrictions based on a site visit in Boston. My future food museum is based in regenerative design principles and suggests a bleak future where resources are sparse.

I started out with a site visit and analysis to determine the best opportunities, then assessed that an educational experience was the most viable.
f1 f1
Each floor of my museum represented a different biome and consisted of 3 parts: historical section, a plant center, and lab spaces.

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